2015 MTE Machine Tools Exhibition Dammam【19-21 May 2015 】


The Leading Machinery Event for Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province


From the organizers of some of Saudi Arabia’s premier events, the new MTE 2015 – Machine Tools Exhibition is launched. MTE 2015 has been established to meet the requirement for the largest machine tools market in the Middle East to host its own focused machinery show.   The Eastern Province provides the best access to business opportunities. It is the largest province in the Kingdom and the perfect strategic gateway for international trade. 

Providing the complete event in Saudi Arabia for Industrial Machines, MTE 2015 will attract high level technical experts, key industry professionals, specialists and decision makers in various sectors of the industry, and aim to deliver an essential platform for key industry professionals, specialists and decision makers. 

Attendees will travel from across the Gulf region and beyond to Dammam where MTE 2015 provides the perfect platform to meet, network, learn and strengthen relationships, and the same time find new projects and opportunities. 



1.      A land of opportunities. Saudi Arabia is the largest industrial country in the whole of the Middle East & Africa. As such, it offers both local and international companies in all industrial sectors, extensive  business opportunities. The Kingdom is also listed as one of the Top 20 destinations for foreign direct investment and this key market can be accessed via MTE 2015. 

2.      Cost effectiveness. How much time and money it would cost your company to access the quantity of contacts you can make at MTE 2015 in 3 days? 

3.      An event growing in importance. The Kingdom needs the latest and most advanced machines and machinery for improving competitiveness of national products, keeping pace with developments in  international markets, expediting transfer and adoption of technology: MTE is the ideal hub to achieve this goals. 

4.      Public Endorsement. MODON is a strong signal of how the Kingdom’s authorities, public and private authorities are boosting local industry developments; do not loose this chance for your company! 

5.     Prime Decision Makers. MTE 2015 will be attended by decision makers, representing the highest echelons of the industry.