Steam Trap

A steam trap is a device for discharging condensed water and non-condensable gases, consuming or lose little fresh steam. 317 Valve offers thermodynamic (disc) traps, SS316 steam traps, inverted bucket steam traps, and air traps. 

Advantages of Steam Traps:

  1. Keeping the steam in the driest state, giving the steam surface an optimum heat transfer rate.
  2. Forming a water film on the inner surface of the condensate recovery line to prevent vapor leakage and reduce heat dissipation in the line.
  3. Preventing condensate circulation in the steam line, thereby maintaining the maximum available area of the steam line and minimal vapor pressure loss.
  4. Preventing the water hammer from flowing out of the downstream pipeline due to condensation and protects the piping and other steam components.
  5. Reducing energy costs, carbon emissions, and carbon footprint.  


  • 317 Valve: Cast Iron Thermodynamic Steam Trap (Screwed End & Flange End)
  • Uniwu: SS316 Steam Trap (Screwed End)
  • Nicoson: Inverted Bucket Steam Trap & Air Trap

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