Smart and Multi-Function Type Electric Actuator

Smart and Multi-Function Type Electric Actuator
Modular Design Plug & Play Kits Model: UM-N Series 1-8

UM-N series electric drives are DC brushless motors suitable for long-term and high-efficiency operation. This series provides plug-and-play module kits for added functions. On-Off Type (Standard type)

Module kit design

■ AC power module (110VAC~220VAC)

■ Power-off reset module (Lithium battery backup power is used in case of power failure to
  protect the system)

■ Bluetooth module (monitor drive data and on-site control for reference for pipeline inspection
and maintenance)


■ Power-saving and low-noise, BLDC brushless DC motor, small size suitable for long-term operation

■ Class F motor insulation rating

■ The circuit design complies with EMC specifications and anti-interference design drive board

Models above UM-N-3 are equipped with manual devices or outer handwheels for operation in emergency or power failure conditions

■ Modbus-ASC II is optional for fieldbus mode

■ The current record can analyze the output current of the equipment during operation, and judge the load condition of the valve switch for maintenance reference (Bluetooth Modular)

■ Protection mechanism: overload protection, double limit setting, stuck valve protection, mechanical locking, speed control

■ Quick switch type is available

■ Ambient temperature:

   -10℃≦TA≦60℃ (relative humidity: <90% 25℃), -20℃≦TA≦70℃ (optional)

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