Valve Accessories

Expansion joints are widely used in piping and equipment systems to prevent vibration, noise, thermal expansion and contraction, and stress fluctuations. They have the effect of extending the service life of pipes and equipment. 

Commonly used material joints are:

  • Metal (most commonly stainless steel).
  • Plastic (such as PTFE).
  • Fabric (such as fiberglass).
  • Elastomer (such as rubber) bellows.

Common type of flexible connectors:
  • Metal bellows
  • Expansion joints 
  • Flexible joints
  • Metal flexible hoses 


  • High-pressure resistance, withstand vacuum height
  • Reducing a pipe's thermal expansion, cold extraction, movement, and vibration. 
  • Compensating for the displacement of general piping. 
  • Excellent resistance to heat, drugs, weak acids and weak bases, and seawater 


  • Air Conditioning System
  • Chemical piping
  • Liquid circulation line
  • Compressor line
  • Pump transfer line
  • Freezing pipeline

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